ARDEX Offshore System

ARDEX Offshore System

ARDEX Skandinavia A/S has provided the marine and offshore market with rapid and safe solutions within cement based internal deck coverings for more than 30 years. The various solutions flooring system solutions are all developed in close co-operation with the users, and are all thoroughly tested on tens of thousands of square metres applied throughout the Nordic countries. The systems shown will meet most requirements for rapid steel deck coverings, whether it concerns repairs or new constructions. This gives the user a wide variety of flooring systems to choose from when searching for the optimum solution to any given flooring requirement.

For all solutions there can be installed rubber or vinyl coverings by using our offshore approved covering adhesive.

The contact to our users is vital for the development of new systems. We always welcome recommendations for new constructions or improvements of existing solutions, thus ensuring that our solutions will always meet the immediate demands of the market. We are, therefore, happy to get any recommendations or comments that you may have.

All products have been subjected to all necessary fire tests, and each product carries the appropriate certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the U.S. Coast Guard. The ARDEX Off Shore System has been expanded and currently consists of five different solutions, where selfsmoothing sub-floor levelling compounds are installed in a permanent bond to the steel deck, and one solution where a floating Fire Class A 60 construction is produced by using ARDEX A 35 MIX - thus ensuring that the floor screed may be applied at a thickness between 1 mm to 50 mm in one operation.